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    The Edinburgh Society of Musicians is an organisation which promotes practical music-making in Edinburgh. It has been in existence since 1887 and owns
a beautiful Jacobean style recital room overlooking Dean Village in the West End of the city. Chamber music recitals are given every Saturday evening at 8 pm from early October until the end of June.
Its stated objects include cultivating the art and practice of music in Edinburgh and promoting social intercourse amongst musicians and those interested in music Edinburgh Society
 of Musicians

Edinburgh Society of Musicians     

Booking information for teachers, event and concert organisers:

The main recital room - Photo by Philip Solovjov
Photo by Philip Solovjov.
The Edinburgh Society of Musicians owns a beautiful Jacobean style recital room overlooking Dean Village in the West End of the city. Chamber music recitals are given every Saturday evening at 7.30pm from early October until the end of June. - Limitations and room use

Notes for teachers

There are wonderful rehearsal facilities which include the use of two Steinway B grand pianos. A Zuckermann: Flemish V harpsichord built in 1978 is available also. Pianists (including 2-piano duos), recitalists, chamber music groups, small choirs and new baroque ensembles will find it an attractive venue to prepare for their concerts. The main recital room is also available for photographic shoots.  

Limitations and room use.
This is a particularly good location for small group and individual rehearsals during the International Festival and the Fringe. This is also an excellent venue for master classes, music exams, pupil recitals, chamber music meetings, receptions and similar events. The rooms may also be available to rent for tuition, rehearsals and performances but subject to certain conditions due to the age and physical limitations of the building eg: Seating capacity 50 people. This is a private venue and cannot be used for events advertising and selling tickets to the public. If you use our premises and want to raise funds, you are limited to an invited audience and donations. We cannot be used as a public venue as our architecture prevents us from meeting the standards required by theatres, concert halls and other public locations. Kitchen facilities small fridge, hot water for coffees, etc, sink for dishes, separate wash hand basin. Bring your own dishes, glasses and refreshments. There are no facilities for cooking food on the premises. Be prepared to clean up and remove all leftover food and rubbish when you leave. We do not offer wi-fi, projectors, catering and other services for meetings.

  • availability of an ESM steward to open up and lock up
  • no entrance fee may be charged
  • dancing is not allowed
  • the premises may not be used for parties
  • alcohol may not be sold on the premises
  • the whole building is a no smoking zone
Notes for Teachers: The ESM offers four rooms for teaching, as follows :-

(including Bluthner upright piano)
Edinburgh Society of Musicians - Drumsheugh Toll, 3 Belford Road, Edinburgh, EH4 3BL - Photo by Philip Solovjov


RECITAL ROOM (including Steinway B pianos and harpsichord)

- Photos by Philip Solovjov

PIANO PRACTICE (grand pianos - minimum hire of two hours)
CHAMBER MUSIC PRACTICE (Recital Room - minimum hire of two hours)
HARPSICHORD HIRE (OUT OF OUR BUILDING - insurance required and purchased by the hirer)


All inquiries regarding cost and availability should be emailed to the bookings officer.
Advanced students (Grade 8 or above) are invited to participate in the Saturday concert series. Limited equipment and music storage may be available for people using the rooms on a regular basis. Discuss this at the time you make your bookings. Teachers are encouraged to use the time for both one-to-one tuition and class tuition in ensemble skills, musicianship and aural training.

The bar and lounge - Photo by Philip Solovjov Morning, afternoon, evening and whole day sessions are available, as well as the services of an on-site steward (optional).

- Photo by Philip Solovjov

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Patrons -
Nicholas Bailey,
Richard Demarco,
Dr. Colin Kingsley


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