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    The Edinburgh Society of Musicians is an organisation which promotes practical music-making in Edinburgh. It has been in existence since 1887 and owns
a beautiful Jacobean style recital room overlooking Dean Village in the West End of the city. Chamber music recitals are given every Saturday evening at 8 pm from early October until the end of June.
Its stated objects include cultivating the art and practice of music in Edinburgh and promoting social intercourse amongst musicians and those interested in music Edinburgh Society
 of Musicians

Edinburgh Society of Musicians     

Notes for performers

The Edinburgh Society of Musicians owns a beautiful Jacobean style recital room overlooking Dean Village in the West End of the city. The seating capacity is 50 people. This is a particularly good location for small group and individual performers. There are two Steinway B grand pianos. A Zuckermann: Flemish V harpsichord built in 1978 is available also. You should indicate which you prefer to use or if you need the harpsichord. Pianists (including 2-piano duos), recitalists, chamber music groups, small choirs and new baroque ensembles will find it an attractive venue. 

Our concert season extends from October through June, with breaks for Christmas and Easter. Concerts start at 19.30 each Saturday evening and extend until about 21.30. You can offer any programmes you like. It is a good opportunity to try new pieces as well as to give the definitive performance of old favourites.

Before the concert: Please time your concert carefully. The first half should run to about 40-45 minutes and the second half about 30 minutes. There is usually an interval of 15-20 minutes. Printed programmes are not provided. You may bring your own or you may announce your programme as you go along. The audience appreciates hearing something about each piece you are to perform, although this is not required. You are welcome to invite family members and friends to the concert, even if they are not members. You are also welcome to bring any CD you may wish to offer for sale during the evening. You are entitled to some rehearsal time before the concert. Friday evenings are usually set aside for this if you are in town. Otherwise a time should be set on Saturday. Liaise with the booking officer to ensure the rooms are available during day. Keys are available from Rae McIntosh Music Shop on Shandwick Place but you must have a reference number from our Booking Officer to obtain them.

On the concert evening: You should arrive by 18.45 so you have time to get settled and warm up. The concerts are hosted by either the President of the Society or another council member. You will be introduced and invited to the platform. You may come and go off the platform as often as you like, depending on the type of programme and/or changes of performers if a group is giving the recital.

During the interval you may stay in the artists' room and have refreshments or you may join the members at the bar or in the lounge. The concert re-convenes for the second half which starts when the audience is settled. At the end you should take as many "curtain calls" as you feel comfortable. You may play an encore if you like. After the applause dies down, you should be in the Artists' Room. Drinks are prepared for you in the concert room and when ready, you will be invited back to receive a vote of thanks from the members. After this you may mingle with the members before departure.

If you would like to offer a recital, please contact Nancy Crook to discuss your programme and a possible date.

Summary of facilities. This is a private venue and cannot be used for events advertising and selling tickets to the public. We cannot be used as a public venue as our architecture prevents us from meeting the standards required by theatres, concert halls and other public locations. Kitchen facilities: small fridge, hot water for coffee, tea, etc, sink for dishes, separate wash hand basin. There are no facilities for cooking food on the premises.

Important Note: Please phone 0131 220 5528 or email Salvatore Tomasino for information about access arrangements.

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