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Our Events Calendar is full till June 2025

All concert dates have now been filled for the season 2024-2025 and the calendar is closed.

Please note that we are not accepting bookings later than June 2025 and we do not hold a waiting list. 

We will re-open the calendar for 2025-2026 sometime early in 2025 and a notice will be posted here when bookings are open. Please delay any application for performance dates till bookings are open.

Notes for Performers
  • The Society does not pay fees to performers.

  • We will reimburse reasonable direct expenses for which receipts can be produced.

  • The Society can arrange overnight accommodation if so requested.

  • Expenses, including any accommodation costs, are capped at £200 per performer for soloists/duos and £500 for ensembles of 3 or more. Travel by car is reimbursed at the standard HMRC rate of 45p per mile, not exceeding the total allowance.

  • Please complete and return the Accommodation Request Form as early as possible if you require accommodation or reimbursement.

  • All recitals begin at 7:30pm. On the evening of the performance, artists are responsible for providing printed programmes and/or verbal introductions.

  • Our premises are normally unmanned. For pre-concert rehearsal it is therefore essential to contact the Commercial Director for available times and access arrangements.


  • The Society will advertise the concerts and provide an audience. Please advise the Society of the full programme roughly 2 months ahead of the concert, or sooner if possible, so it can be publicised and to help us avoid any duplication of repertoire.

  • The programme should consist of a first half of about 40 minutes and a slightly shorter second half (approx. 30 minutes).

  • Occasionally a programme makes an interval impractical (e.g. a song cycle). Please inform the Society in advance if you wish to amend the standard format.

  • Please make sure you time your programme before publishing it. In total it ought not to exceed 70-75 minutes, and this includes any verbal introductions you choose to make. If a programme seems likely to be too long, the Society may ask for it to be amended accordingly.

Having read the above terms, if you would like to perform for us please contact the Programme Organiser to arrange a date.

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